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100% Natural Latex Mattress

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Latex is a natural material obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. Latex mattresses do not contain chemicals and are 100% natural. Our latex mattresses are imported from Gommagomma, the most premium mattress manufacturer of Italy and Europe. The original product is certified and has Euro Latex certificate.

General features of our 100% Natural Block Latex Mattress:

It is 20 cm high.

It is 21-22 cm thick with Inner Lining + Organic Cotton mattress cover.

82 Density.

Breathable, does not sweat

9 Zone support system

anti allergic anti bacterial


It certainly does not make you feel the movements of the person lying next to you.

Benefits for scoliosis:

Natural block latex mattresses are the most ideal and beneficial mattresses for scoliosis patients (curvature of the spine), it is the only mattress recommended by doctors in this regard. Please get information from your doctor about the subject.

9-Zone Support System:

Strategically placed air pockets provide a 9-zone system for precise body contouring, providing optimal support for body weight distribution.

4-Channel Air Gap System:

It provides a pleasant and healthy sleeping environment by increasing air circulation, supporting anti-bacterial components and providing ideal sleep throughout all four seasons.

Ergonomic Module creates an incredible sleep environment with flower patterns. Air vents with 4 channels formed as pin holes up, down, right and left to penetrate the entire bed provide air circulation.

The Fiore airway on the surface of the mattress maximizes air permeability. The system keeps the humidity levels of the body within the desired range during sleep and provides a hygienic sleep environment.

Blood circulation:

The perfect weight distribution prevents arm and shoulder numbness caused by the pressure drop in the capillaries.


Always maintains the same flexibility unlike spring mattresses

Air Permeability:

Excellent air permeability thanks to air cells and air holes

10 Year Warranty:

Gommagomma natural latex mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years against collapse and deterioration.



100×200, 120×200, 140×200, 150×200, 160×200, 180×200, 200×200, 90×190


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